MAD Science program

Having to be creative with our “Specials” schedule and our desire to continue to offer our students unique opportunities — ACS has brought a MAD Science program every week! The program has allowed students the change to explore a variety of science topics. Here’s last weeks happenings: 

Last week, Mr. Tricolis (our MAD Scientist) introduced “Peanut” and “Jelly”, a 2 and 5 year old juvenile Red Eared Slider Turtles to all students in Pre-K to 8th grade. 

Mr. T rescued these turtles from Canal Street in Chinatown, NYC when they were the size of a penny/nickel. In class, students discussed the type of turtle they are, what they eat and how to tell if turtles are male or female. Based on the information given, each class had to figure out the gender of Penut and Jelly and how they came to that conclusion!

The class continues with also discussing potential diseases certain animals can carry and types of foods both animals and humans can get sick from by way of salmonella. Excellent job ACS and thank you Mr. T!