Returning members of the ACS STEM Club welcomed new members and wasted no time getting back to where they left off! Last March, just as the 6th – 8th grade club members were about to test the robots they had constructed, Coronavirus put an end to their plans. Over the summer robots were dismantled, disinfected and stored away for the new school year.

As soon as the 21CCLC clubs restarted in September, the club members got right back to constructing new robots. Their hard work recently paid off when the first group was able to make their robot respond to commands and even say a few words. Once the group figured out what they could make the robot do, they surprised Mrs Shumny with the delivery of a pen to her in her office.

After seeing the success of the first group,the rest of the groups have now stepped up their efforts to get their robots in working order. Today, a robot gave Mrs. Shumny change from her lunch order! What’s next for this group? You’ll just have to check in with a club member. There’s always something exciting going on in STEM!