ACS Day 2: Catholic Schools Week 2020!

Pre-K was the entertainment today!! They went to each classroom and performed their famous Tooty Ta Ta song and dance! What a show! 

Kindergarten had round 1 of their Spelling Bee Competition and finished their cards for our Police officers (one of our special guests for Friday!) 

Grades 1 to 3: Catholic School’s coloring activity and discussing how we learn, serve, lead and succeed in our school. 

Fourth and Fifth grade – Tuesday Project Day!! AND what a project day it was! They made “rubber” balls made out of glue mixed with corn starch which is then dropped into water and borax. The last step is rolling the ball to get out the air and water bubbles. There’s a lot of rolling involved. In the end, the balls do bounce and as a fringe benefit, all the students now know how to roll a meat ball!

Middle school played their first round of Jeopardy and did some cooking …. ohhh and don’t miss grade 8 doing the Tooty Ta Ta with Pre-K!!