ACS Education Technology

14 Chrome books arrived yesterday. What does this mean to Assumption Catholic School? It means the completion of a three year technology plan goal! We officially announce that ACS students in grades 3 to 8 all have a chromebook to use on a one to one ratio. Kindergarten to second grade has a one to one ratio of ipads.
This last purchase was possible through Perth Amboy Board of Education Technology Money provided to non-public schools. Prior to this purchase, ACS directly purchased over 21 chromebooks in order to ensure that our teachers can continue to integrate technology into lessons and giving students the opportunity to expand their skills. Technology provides a different opportunity to make learning more fun and allows our students access to information on a bigger broader scale.
We tried out the new Chromebooks during our MAP Testing, and they were perfect! In addition to this major accomplishment, ACS has installed Access Points in each classroom to make sure that our internet and infrastructure is able to handle all the new devices. This has been a long process yet has been worth it.
By planning, having vision, creating student centered goals and God’s amazing blessings we have reached this milestone. We ask our Blessed Mother to guide us as we develop our next set of Technology goals so that we may continue to bring 21st Century tools and opportunities to our students.