Alumni News

ALUMNI NEWS: We congratulate Steven M. and Carlos C., ACS Class of 2015, and current architecture students at EBVT! They won first place in the NJ Engineering Technology & Design Competition hosted by Skills USA. Skills USA, a national organization, encourages students to help develop new technology skills. Carlos and Steven began working on their project and first identified a problem to solve. They settled on the process of daily morning routines and how getting ready involves bending down to reach shoes, drawers, and other containers. They focused on the question: what if someone has trouble doing what we consider simple tasks? This question fueled their research and development. They produced a finished prototype using hardware, laser cut wood, and 3D printed components. The final prototype was a small scale, button operated scissor lift that could elevate objects to be more accessible. Now scissor lifts aren’t a new concept, they exist in different industries, but on a much bigger scale and price point. Yet, the main focus was to take the concept of a scissor lift and apply it to daily use in a household. They not only created this prototype, but they also developed a marketing plan and had to present it to a panel of judges. We are truly proud of their endeavors and we find it important to have a good understanding of all areas of design.