Social Media Safety

The Classes of 2019 and 2020 recently had representatives of the Perth Amboy Police Department speak to them on media safety. Detectives G. Betancourt and Detective R. Nolasco took time to explain the consequences of inappropriate actions using social media. 

The detective showed two videos depicting real – life situations in which the use of social media caused much personal pain for those involved. Cyber -bullying and sexting was addressed with the students. Students discussed with the detectives how it affects those involved and what can be done if a student finds themselves in that situation. Also discussed was what can result when charges are brought about as a result of using social media for the purpose of hurting someone’s reputation. Students left the discussion with the knowledge that we must be responsible when using social media and the need to report inappropriate actions on social media.Thank you Detectives Betancourt and Nolasco for an informative session!