ACS Catholic Schools Week Day 4 – one word – AMAZING!

Pre-k through 8th grade finished their Heritage Projects. Everyone worked so hard on their final posters and it was an extraordinary learning experience. Tomorrow we will have our ACS Cultural Expo where projects will be displayed for all to enjoy. And there’s more… our 8th graders also learned to crossed stitch with Sister Yosaphata and they were surprised at their new hidden talents! The afternoon was just as exciting! The whole ACS student body recorded a Flash Mob to the CSW song, “All It Takes”. We have practiced all week and will be playing it on Friday. The day ended with excitement and suspense as the teachers and parents played a nail biting basketball game against the 8th grade class! The class of 2019 played hard, but teachers and parents won 26-22. It was a great game and the whole school had fun cheering! Wait till you see our end of the week celebration! #CSW2019