Classroom Blessing 2019

The Feast of the Holy Theophany is celebrated each year on January 6 and commemorates the Baptism of Christ and the divine revelation of the Holy Trinity at the river Jordan. On this very special feast, people traditionally attend a prayer service where the priest blesses regular water into holy water during the “Blessing of the Water” ceremony. This year, after morning Liturgy Fr. Ivan walked around the school and blessed each room with a sprinkle of the newly blessed holy water. He was accompanied by a small choral group lead by 8 grade students who beautifully sang a Theophany hymn. In each class, Fr. Ivan asked students various questions about the feast and was very pleased by their answers. The pre-k students papered a special art work depicting the scene of Christ’s Baptism. Some of the kindergarteners had a chance to use Fr. Ivan’ sprinkler and bless their classmates with holy water.