ACS Middle School Students Send Their Love!

In late November members of St. Mary’s Ukrainian Parish of Carteret suffered the unthinkable loss of their beautiful church. Many of our older ACS students are from Carteret, so word traveled quickly through the classes. Students are also familiar with Father Vladyka, the pastor of St Mary’s, since he has given his time to our students for confessions.
The Class of 2019 discussed what might be done to show support for St.Mary’s parishioners. It was decided that they and their fellow middle school friends would take up a collection. Since it was right before St.Nicholas Day, they decided to collect nickels for St. Nicholas. They donated their own money as they arrived in science class each day,giving a nickel here, a dime there. Soon their nickels added up! The Classes of 2019,2020, and 2021 presented Father Ivan a heavy box of change. Over three weeks they had collected over $100. Father Ivan in turn presented the money to Father Vladyka on Christmas day. Students hope that Father Vladyka will be able to use their donations for something that will lift the spirits of his parish family.