Principal’s Newsletter – April 12, 2018


He is Risen! Happy Easter Everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing Easter break. Your scholars came in on Monday and have hit the ground running! They are back to their studies and preparing for the annual standardized tests. We want our students to do their personal best and ask that you help us ensure they are rested and eat a healthy breakfast. We have taken practice IOWA tests yesterday and today and begin the official test on tomorrow. Results should be received by the end of May, which allows us enough time to plan for next year.
From your children’s point of view, the most exciting news is that there is Physical Education Tuesday and Thursday of this week and next! Please make sure they are in gym uniform.
A few important reminders….

  • Please review our calendar and menu REGULARLY – both are available online. This is the last marking period and very busy.
  • Parent Teacher conferences are next Thursday, April 19th. If you do not get your assigned time today please check your child’s book bag.
  • Grades 5th through 8th student’s $10 (Bishop Ahr & Union Catholic High Schools trip) will be used towards the Liberty Science Trip May Field Trip.
  • Surveys – we will be sending out a couple of online surveys to gather information for our AdvancED re-accreditation and to plan for the next school year. Please help us get vital feedback to make ACS even better!
  • Apple Store Field Trips: Please remember we need both permission slips! Fri., April 13th – Gr. 6&7/MoN., April 16th – Gr. 7 & 8

    Thank you for all your support! Please if you have any questions or concerns, give me a call.