Third Grade News

The third grade students have been very busy learning about our planet, Earth. Last week we learned about how the weather, wind and water, has sculpted the Earth’s surface.
We also learned about the different types of clouds. We learned their position in the sky and how to tell the weather from the types of clouds we see in the sky. We then created our own clouds out of cotton balls and paint.
We enjoyed reading the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as we imagined if our weather was made of food instead or wind and water.
This week the students are enjoying a new comfy chair , thanks to a special donation, and using the computers to listen to and read their Studies Weekly as we learn about the moon, sun and the star
They really enjoy sitting in different spots and I find that they are more engaged in their learning when not sitting at a tradition desk.
In Math we are working hard learning about measurement. We have learned about using inches, feet, yards and miles to measure things.
We are also learning about measuring capacity of liquids. In order to help the students understand gallon, quarts, pints and cups we have created a conversion chart and called him our Gallon Bot.
His body is a gallon, his arms and legs are made up of quarts, pints and cups.
The kids really enjoyed creating their gallon bots and now understand the equivalent units.