Catholic Schools Week Activities Updates

Catholic Schools Week was off to a great start on Monday with all ACS students participating in a science lab observing change in a substance. The students from grades five through eight were buddied up with students in grades Pre K though 4 to carry out the activity. After all steps were followed the younger students made their observations and realized that they had made ice cream.

The afternoon was filled with the sound of students moving quickly under the leadership of the Class of 2018. Students were led on a scavenger hunt to find answers to questions related to the teachers. If they thought they knew an answer to a particular question, they then went to the teacher they thought was holding the answer. If they got it correct, they earned a piece to a puzzle. When they got all of the puzzle pieces students were led back to their classroom where they put the pieces together to find out who loved them. It was a picture of all the teachers!

The day ended with everyone enjoying the results of their experimental ice cream that they had made in the morning. If Monday was any indication of what the rest of the week would bring Catholic Schools Week at ACS was shaping up to be a great week!