Christmas Tradition Continues.

Just about this time of the year for the at least the last 15 years, students of ACS in grades 6 through 8 gather together for a very special Christmas luncheon. The luncheon is a culmination of research and hard work.

Students researched Christmas season traditions that take place around the world. This year they researched their own ethnic traditions, learning where some of their own family traditions possibly started. As a team groups prepared a poster that included special events of the Christmas season that take place in the particular countries they studied. Students then played the part of travel agents, sharing the reasons to visit their country for the Christmas season. Some shared actual music that they used to entertain their visitors.

After being evaluated by teachers and guest judges everyone sat down for a smorgasbord of food that would be found on a Christmas table. They enjoyed each other’s company, as well as maybe finding a new food to add to their own menu at home. Desserts ended the afternoon with all students taking away memories that will remain with them in the years to come.