There are many good reasons to attend FSA meetings at Assumption school. They are educational, informative, and even fun! Meetings present a great opportunity to talk to those in charge, to connect with other parents, with your child’s teacher or teachers you may not yet know. Attending meetings also shows you care  for what happens during your child’s school day.

At the recent meeting, the ACS Family School Association Board recognized and honored the following people for their contributions to Assumption School.

Milene Palhais – (got Investor’s Bank to sponsor the track team & donate hundreds of dollars worth of prizes for the Bazaar)
Marylou Villacis – (served as our Bazaar kitchen chair for several years)
Del Velazquez – (sold over $1300 worth of Getrude Hawk candy for the school)
Thank you ladies. We are so lucky to have a parent community that is so supportive.