Earth Day

To commemorate Earth Day, our middle school students joined with the Perth Amboy Public Works Department, ShopRite of Perth Amboy, and Perth Amboy Catholic students in creating decorative bags reminding shoppers to reduce, reuse and recycle.  Mrs. Barcheski of the Public Works Department delivered plain paper bags to our school that our fifth through eighth grade students decorated with recycling slogans.  When they were complete, Mrs. Barcheski stopped by to pick them up and deliver them to ShopRite. On Thursday, April 20, one of our students, Andrew, (along with 2 PACS students) met Mayor Wilda Diaz, Mrs. Barcheski, and the ShopRite Store Manager for a short program at the ShopRite of Perth Amboy.  The students then handed out the decorated bags to shoppers to remind them to take care of our Earth.  We should take care of the Earth God gave us EVERY day – not just on Earth Day!