Empowering Young Ladies Series

Throughout the month of May, our fifth through eighth grade girls have taken part in a series entitled, "Empowering Our Young Ladies". Each week guests have been invited to ACS to speak to the young ladies about goals, education, self worth and trusting God’s plan for each of their lives.

We started with Mrs. Veronica Jordan, an ACS alumni, who went to Villanova University and became a lawyer. After years of practicing law, she felt that her true calling was teaching. She shared her journey with the girls and let them know that sometimes what you plan for yourself changes and you should learn to embrace those changes and be open to new opportunities.

Second, Miss Ariel Bonilla, former Navy officer who will be sworn in as the first female firefighter in Perth Amboy presented to the girls. She shared her story of overcoming being shy and being told she couldn’t do what she was passionate about. She expressed to the girls how you have to have a plan and the importance of work hard and setting goals.

Our next speaker was Mrs. Rozalia Czban, Parishioner of our school parish, supporter of our school and retired principal of Perth Amboy High School. She spoke to the girls about peer pressure, knowing right from wrong and enjoying the journey of life. She shared how she ended up in a career that she never thought was for her and how she always kept an open mind and heart. She also spoke about serving your community and church.

Next, our own Mrs Shumny was the next presenter and she spoke to the girls about self-worth. She shared her weight loss journey and the impact that the media has on young girls. At the end of the presentation the girls had an opportunity to share how they feel about fashion and images that they are bombarded with.

The following week we had Mrs Chris Flood-Guiterrez, former student, parent of two alumni and Life Coach at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. She discussed how being bullied impacted her life and how important it is to listen to your body, your inner feelings and God when making decisions. She showed the girls how important a women’s role is and the impact we can have on a person’s life.

Lastly, Mayor Diaz of Perth Amboy presented to the girls. The first female Mayor of our city discussed her journey and how she started as an entry level bank teller and worked herself to the top. She shared with the girls her passion for community service and how this was the gateway into politics for her. She expressed that despite hard decisions she has enjoyed her career and journey. Her message that our young ladies can accomplish what the set their minds to was powerful and inspirational.

Our guests were all impressed with the our young ladies’ questions and openness about the issues they are concerned with. ACS’ girls will "wrap up" their program by making vision boards this week that were so generously donated by Mrs Flood- Gutierrez.

This was a successful series for all the girls and extremely rewarding to all who participated.