Saint Nicholas Visits ACS

Each year Saint Nicholas pays a visit to the students of Assumption Catholic School.  On Monday, December 7, 2015, students welcomed him with once again much enthusiasm. Students were first treated to a play about Saint Nichols performed by the ACS Senior Drama Club members. Students were then called to the stage by class where each child received a present from Saint Nicholas. After receiving their gift, the class posed for a picture and finally received a candy cane as they left the stage.

When the Class of 2016 reached the stage Saint Nicholas had something to share with them. He had kept letters the students had written to him when they were in second grade. Saint Nicholas read a few of the items they had included on their wish list so long ago. Next, each student received a Saint Nicholas medal as a remembrance of their last Saint Nicholas Day here at ACS. Finally, each child was called up individually to receive their last Saint Nicholas Day gift and candy cane.

As this day becomes a happy memory, we are reminded of the beautiful season that is in front of us. In the blink of an eye, the birth of Christ  will be here!