Pep Rally Rocks ACS

Snow! Everyone loves it – sometimes.  Snow managed to deflate the feeling of Catholic Schools Week just a little bit this year.  The biggest event of the week was postponed a full week.  But, it turned out to be a day worth waiting for.  Оn February 6, 2015 ACS held the best pep rally ever!  The Class of 2015, led by Student Council President Steven Marcucci and Vice President Alyssa Montalvo, organized a fun afternoon for the rest of our ACS students.

If you felt the earth shake Friday afternoon, it was not an earthquake.  It was just ACS starting their celebration!  The afternoon began with all the students dancing their way into the auditorium.  Once everyone made it to their seats, Steven and Alyssa got things going with individual class shout outs.  This was followed by some freeze dancing, which got the students roaring and ready for some fun.

Clubs were called and students introduced themselves.  This was followed by the recognition of students that achieved honors for the second marking period.  Winners of Mrs. Shumny's writing contests were announced, and finally, the Crazy Hat contest winners were broadcasted too!

Now it was time for the big event of the day!  The Class of 2015 waited throughout the pep rally for their chance to represent ACS students in a volleyball game against the teachers and administration.  The competing eighth grade students were completely confident that they would be THE class to finally beat the undefeated faculty/administration players.  Student observers cheered and screamed for both sides.   The game went back and forth until second grade teacher, Miss Giordano broke it open with 3 unanswered points for the faculty!  The final score left the Class of 2016 dreaming about next year.  Maybe then the teachers and administration would be defeated. Final score:  Teachers/Administration 15 – Students 11.

It was a great end to an extended Catholic Schools Week.  Whether it was making posters, having a game day, or attending the pep rally, CSW 2015 will be remembered by all; and, why not —it was the best ever, snow or no snow!