Blessings of Rings

On Friday, December 5th  the Assumption Catholic School Class of 2015 made their way to Divine Liturgy as they had done every Friday for as long as they could remember. This week it was a little different. The class of 25 students looked like they were walking on air! This was going to be a special day for them. After Liturgy was finished, they participated at the blessing of rings ceremony. The class ring symbolizes a remarkable achievement in the life of students and marks the beginning of a new stage in their school experience.  Fr.  Ivan Turyk blessed the rings then congratulated each student as  the school's Principal Mr. S. called them forward to receive their ring. In his  homily, Father  stated that the class ring is not only a symbol of power and prestige, it is more importantly a symbol of service, a reminder that authority is to be used for good, it is to be wielded with mercy, it is to be put to service for the benefit of fellow students. Following a session of proud families taking pictures, everyone went down to the church basement for a small celebration to mark the importance of the day. Kudos and blessings to the Class of 2015.