When you think about Halloween you probably have visions of devils, witches, and other scary figures roaming the streets. If you were near ACS today you would have been pleasantly surprised. The only figures to be found were those of the heavenly kind. There were stars, sheep, shepherds, and students representing the story of creation. You would have also seen the tongues of fire from Pentecost and the saints from throughout the centuries. Fourth graders dressed as part of the Nativity.

Last summer, before the new school year was even started, the teachers thought that it would be nice to celebrate Halloween from the Christian point of view. So they came up with classroom themes and a once yearly tradition returned to ACS.

At 1:30 in the afternoon on Halloween day the Pre K class led ACS around the block. The whole school returned to the playground to take an all school picture followed by class pictures. Parents wandered around the playground admiring the costumes and taking in the festive atmosphere of the afternoon. All in all, ACS students had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Halloween in the spirit of all that is good.