Second Grade Here We Come!

At the beginning of the school year, each first grader was asked to write how they felt on their first day of school. They talked about their anticipations of the year ahead of them. Now, at the end of their academic year, they had a chance to reflect on their first grade year.

Each student wrote their first grade favorites: events, subjects, recess play, cafeteria lunch, etc. They compiled the sheets together with all of their writing craft work. This included English, social studies, science, etc. This became their very own First Grade Memory book. In addition, a class photo was taken. When completed they enjoyed signing each other’s book.

Each student also wrote a letter to their teacher, telling her what they liked, disliked, and  found challenging about their first grade year. They learned the importance of being thankful to God, their parents, teachers, and anyone who helped them accomplish this year. They patted themselves on the back for a job well done!

We didn’t forget about our dads either! Students made cards and secret letters for their dads to open on Father’s Day.

Finally, we spoke about our plans for the summer, including our summer reading, and how to be safe, and their anticipations for second grade. Have a wonderful summer soon second graders to be. You did a fantastic job!