Celebrating Motherhood in May

During the month of May, first grade has learned that we honor our mothers.
Each student wrote about their mothers describing them using complete sentences with adjectives. They also made heart-shaped cards, and a secret letter tied with a bow, for their moms to open on Mother’s Day, May 11, 2014.
Students learned that Mary, Mother of Jesus, is the Mother of the Church. This means she is our Blessed Mother. Just like we honor our mother, we also do so for Mary, especially during the month of May.
Each student made an altar for Mary and placed it by her statue in the classroom. Students have been bringing fresh flowers to honor her. For afternoon prayer, they have been singing hymns to honor our Blessed Mother. The class learned that singing hymns is like praying twice. They were doing such a wonderful job and had memorized 3 songs (Ave Maria, Salve Regina, and Bring Flowers of the Rarest). On Tuesday, May 20, they sang these songs during whole school morning prayer time. Each first grader wore the necklace they made in class with the picture of the Madonna. Great job first grade!