Chocolate Festival for ACS Middle School

On Tuesday, February 17 the smell of chocolate filled the air of the school auditorium. Yes, Valentine’s Day had passed, but the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students were excited about their Chocolate Festival. Originally scheduled for Valentine’s Day, the big snow of February 13, 2014 got in
the way.

Students were first teamed across the grades. Next, they had to create a product that contained chocolate. Then, they had to market their product including a commercial, a presentation board, and a jingle to describe their product. They had to figure out how much it would cost to produce one packaged serving of their product. Finally, they presented their product to teachers from the other grades. Of course samples accompanied their presentations.

When presentations were finally all finished, all of the students had the opportunity to sample the delicious creations. Snow might have stopped Valentine’s Day at ACS but it didn’t stop the chocolate!