ACS Family Thanksgiving

On Wednesday, November 27, while many people were thinking about what would be on their Thanksgiving table, our ACS family had an early taste of turkey and all of the delicious sides to go with it. Before the meal actually was served there were many helping hands from our middle school pie bakers and cornbread makers to our always-supportive parents.

The day before the feast saw lots of kitchen action. Seventh and eighth graders baked apple and pumpkin pies. They also prepared 12 chocolate cream pies. The sixth grade contributed to the feast with their contribution of delicious cornbread. The eighth graders used their prior potato peeling experience to help them peel almost 300 potatoes!

Entertainment was provided by ACS Senior Drama Club. In the form of a prayer they told the story of the first Thanksgiving. Father Ivan blessed the food and before you knew it our parish guests, faculty, and students were happily enjoying their wonderful mea that had been prepared with lots of love by many of our parents led by Jenine. Thank you to all that helped to make another delicious Thanksgiving feast!