The seventh grade class at ACS has just completed their first “Glogster” presentation on an assigned European Explorer.  After an exciting Social Studies lesson on various explorers’ contributions to trade and exploration, as well as technology used to make long sea voyages possible, the class of 2015 used current technology to share the information they researched.

Each student was assigned an explorer in which they were required to research.  It was essential they follow the teacher outline for all the information needed in their presentation.  The rest was all creativity!  The interactive “Glogster” poster board is a program that allows students the ability to add pictures, video clips, and let their ingenuity shine.  This was a rigorous project which used the traditional poster board way of displaying information and added a technological twist that the students enjoyed and kept them engaged.  A short oral presentation followed which gave students the opportunity to share their new knowledge.  Mrs. Shumny’s class did thorough research and put together detailed presentations and took great pride in their work.  They are eager to start their next project endeavor!