From Our Table to Yours

Did you ever wonder how all of those delicious pyrohy and beautiful stuffed cabbages make it to the kitchen on Bazaar day? Well, there is a long process for the end result to be reached.
It all starts with the purchase of the necessary items. This is usually handled by the board of our Family School Association. This year Lou Montalvo and Tom Zambrowski made up the purchasing team. Next, the Classes of 2014 and 2015 teamed up to peel 350 pounds of potatoes that would be needed. How long does it take to peel that many potatoes? This time it took less than 2 hours! The next day the dough making team, led by Sister Yosaphata, makes the tender dough and tasty filling for the pyrohy.  By 3 p. m. teachers along with parent/guardian volunteers assemble the  little pockets of delicious cheese and potatoes. Then they make their way to the ACS Bazaar where they are often sold out by midday.
The stuffed cabbages are usually prepared by a much smaller group. They start by cooking the cabbage and preparing the meat filling. The team, made up of Mrs. Derevenska, Miss Makar, and   Mrs. Androshchuk then work to assemble each one by hand. On Sunday they also become one of the most popular items on the menu.