Teacher assignments for 2013-2014

Hope that everyone is enjoying the summer and doing their best to stay cool. 

Unfortunately we must bid farewell to Mrs. Rizkallah and Miss Fiore. Both are moving on to positions in the public school system.  I thank them for all their efforts on behalf of our students and wish them all the best. 

There are a few changes to our lineup this year.  For the year 2013-2014 the teacher assignments will be as follows:
PreK – Miss Giordano
K – Mrs. Derevenska
1 – Mrs. Khouzam
2 – Mrs. Gaffney
3 – Mrs. Bernstein
4 – Mrs. Lojko
5 – Mrs. Lawrence
6 – Miss Makar
7 – Mrs. Shumny
8 – Mrs. Pickering
Acc Math – Miss Hanna

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new teachers:  Mrs. Gaffney is an alumnus of our school and a parishioner with 15 years experience in the business field.  She holds a NJ Teaching Certificate of Eligibility for Grades K to 5.  You all know Mrs.Shumny and we are certainly happy to have her back.  I believe we have a strong group of teachers that will continue to provide an excellent education for our children.