The month of June is an exciting time for all graduates. Some will complete their studies and will begin fulfilling their anticipated dreams in life. Others will celebrate their graduation from one level of education to yet another.

Ensure that your graduation celebration will involve expressing gratitude to God. It is His Grace in your life which enables you to have the spiritual strength to complete your studies, and to move on. Celebrate with God by giving Him thanks and praise in His holy Church.

Give thanks to the many that have been instruments in your education. Many teachers, administrators and support staff steadfastly guided and instructed you, motivated by their desire for you to reach your best. Parents, extended family and close friends offered much needed support and encouragement. Their love, offered with much hope and patience, enabled your maturing in the process of achieving your educational goals. You did not journey alone. Be thankful for that gift.

Be proud of your part in your achievements. Recognize your gifts and the self-motivation it took to reach success. Build on newly acquired self-confidence to pursue your new dreams in life. Go for broke with your personality to achieve that which you see as important in your life’s ambition.

Know that your new journeys are not meant to be traveled alone. Your loved ones and friends will support you. You will enjoy the challenge and excitement of new fellow travelers in your journeys. Be assured of God’s presence with you to gently guide you in His ways, in the pursuit of His abundant life promised to all who love and serve Him. And, our Blessed Mother will always be present to listen with patience, and to offer comfort and guidance when needed.

My heartfelt congratulations to all the new graduates of 2013. God bless you richly in ways only He can as you pursue your dreams.