Club Recognitions Close Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is always a week of classroom fun and school – related activities. This year as with years in the past, ACS ended the week with a roar. Classes lined up to enter the auditorium and waited patiently for their turn to enter. As each class was called, Student Council and the Class of 2013 led everyone in cheers. This got everyone in a Bulldog spirit.

Clubs are an important part of the ACS fabric. There is always something for everyone’s interest. Earlier in the day members of each club signed a banner that had been made by eighth graders. Each club was then called forward and members introduced themselves. As introductions were finished, the whole school cheered for that club.

The afternoon continued with game of volleyball between the Class of 2013 and the faculty. It was an exciting match with both sides playing great. Once again the faculty edged out the eighth grade by two points. At the end Father Ivan commended the students for a great week. Students dismissed for the weekend with memories of a great reason to be in ACS and thoughts of what next year’s Catholic Schools Week might bring.