Saint Nicholas Makes Yearly Visit

Each year on December 6 ACS receives a very special visitor. Saint Nicholas comes to spend a little time with the students, bringing a gift for each one. FSA also gives the children a chocolate lollipop and candy cane.To start the afternoon, Senior Drama presented a short play that helped the audience learn a little bit about the life of Saint Nicholas and how he became known as the patron saint of children and sailors. We were entertained by enthusiastic Drama Club members as they showed how, especially here at ACS, the devils are always fighting a losing battle.  By the end of the presentation everyone was ready for Saint Nicholas. Each grade had time with him. Saint Nicholas could be heard asking the children about their behavior during the previous year. Some students made pictures for him. Saint Nicholas shared that he still has pictures that the seventh grade class had made for him when they were in second grade. He loves coming to ACS because the children are so enthusiastic.  By the end of the afternoon all of the students were ready to go home to share their experiences with their parents.