Because I Am Worth It

The Class of 2012 recently attended the Diocese of Metuchen’s Teen Outreach program titled Because I Am Worth It. Students from Cardinal Mc Carrick High School and Mount St. Mary’s Academy welcomed eighth graders from all over the diocese with enthusiasm and shared with them about why they need to be careful about choices they make as they enter the world of dating.

Following the teens’ presentations, Pam Stenzel, internationally known chastity speaker, was introduced and for the next forty – five minutes captivated the attention of her audience of eighth graders about the physical and emotional risks of getting involved with sex outside of marriage. When she was finished speaking, she remained with the students and spoke to them individually.

The members of the ACS Class of 2012 came away with excellent information and hopefully will always remember, Because, I am Worth It as a good reason for practicing chastity as they move into the world of dating.