Seventh Grade Harnesses Sun

The Class of 2012 was recently seen sitting on the playground with pizza boxes at their feet. What were they doing? They were using the power of the sun to make a long time campfire favorite, s’mores.  How does a pizza box do this you wonder? Students discussed solar power first and then transformed the pizza boxes into solar ovens. It just took aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and a small amount of tape to get the job done. Once they preheated their boxes, they added the ingredients to make a wonderful treat. In a few minutes the sun had melted the chocolate and softened the marshmallow to a gooey consistency. Finally, they were able to eat their creations. They followed up with a discussion on how they could change their oven and what they will experiment with at home.  Hopefully, when they return to school in September they will have new recipes to share.