Ten Mac Book Computers Received

Assumption Catholic’s Fourth Grade class received ten Mac book computers from the Perth Amboy Include Grant, just in time to participate in World Math Day 2011. Uniting the World in Numbers was the theme for this year’s competition. The students were eager to practice for the event that started on Monday, February 28th. The Fourth Grade Class had the opportunity to participate the entire second day of the event using the Mac books and iPods. Each child had several chances to challenge other students from around the world. Julieana Alarcon practiced all week long and had logged in over ten thousand math problems by Friday. Way to go Julie! Others in the class caught the math bug and were trying to catch up to her. When the event was done the Second, Fourth and Fifth grade students logged in almost fifty thousand problems. There were over 5.2 million participants from over 218 countries, and the United States placed fourth over all.