You could feel excitement in the air on October 27, 2010 as the Fabulous Fifth gathered to watch a live webcast, Read Now with Taylor Swift. Webcasting is a new addition to ACS. Using the internet, a projector and a Smartboard, students participated with thousands of students from across the nation in a live webcast event. The students were amazed at how technology enabled them to watch and participate in real time. The Fabulous Fifth was especially excited because this broadcast featured one of their favorite musicians, Taylor Swift. This year Scholastic celebrates 90 years of promoting literacy in the United States. This year’s campaign is called “Read Every Day-Lead a Better Life”. To help celebrate, Scholastic partnered with Grammy-Award Winning Recording Artist, Taylor Swift and Actor-Musician-Comedian Nick Cannon to teach kids the importance of reading every day. Nick and Taylor talked about their favorite stories and answered questions from students across the country. The show ended with Taylor Swift singing her new hit single “Mine”. The Fabulous Fifth was singing along! We are looking forward to our next webcasting experience!