Why Assumption School:

Comments by parents….
•    Assumption school has a rich history and long tradition.
•    This school is definitely the best kept secret in the Perth Amboy area.
•    Classes are small, so that helps develop the child learning ability. They offer pre care and  after for a small fee.
•    The teachers strive for academic excellence for all students. They truly care about the success and well being of each child.
•    The rules are strict, but not harsh.
•    Teachers have an average of more than 10 years of experience.
•    Excellence, individual attention, small class sizes, a very fair and reasonable price!
•    My son's entire Kindergarten class was reading by the time they finished K. Many of the students are honor students.
•    The religious education is part of the program, but it is not overbearing
•    The Pastor and the Missionary Sisters of the Mother of God play an important role in our children’s religious formation.
•    There are so many blessings at Assumption. It is truly a wonderful place!