Principal’s Newsletter – May 10, 2019


Dear ACS Parents:

Teacher Appreciation Lunch, Mother Son dance, First Holy Communion, Kidz Dent dental presentations, anti-bullying yo-yo assembly, Mother’s Day Lemonade Celebration …… AND it is only May 10th

First, all the teachers and I want to thank the FSA for the delicious lunch for Teacher Appreciation Day. It was very thoughtful and appreciated!

Second, May is packed with many different events and activities.  Please update your calendars and call us if you have any questions – we do not want you to miss out on any of the fun!

Third, we want to wish all our Mother’s a happy mother’s day and many blessings.  Thank you to all our Pre-K through 4th grade mothers who were able to make our Mother’s Day Lemonade event.  Our teachers worked hard to make it special.

We welcome the month of May and look forward to a successful 4th marking period.  We are here to help you and thank you for your dedication to ACS and a Catholic School education. 


Mrs. Shumny

Reminders – April 17, 2019


When we return from break, the month of May will be around the corner! Please take a few minutes over Easter break to review the calendar and the information attached.

Information going home today:

  1. IOWA Testing Results with letter from the Superintendent of Schools – please email your child’s teacher with any questions
  2. Refer a Friend Program Information
  3. May 1st Ukrainian Dance Final Fee is due
  4. May 2nd Mother Son Dance Flyer
  5. May 3rd is First Penance 9:00am
  6. May 5th is First Holy Communion – Fee of $70 and Communion Breakfast ticket orders (adults $10/kids $7) are past due. April 29th is absolute last day.
  7. May 6th Field Trips for PK-2 and 3-6th grade – permission slips and money due when we return – we must finalize our reservations
  8. May 8th ACS Spelling Bee – lists went home
  9. May 10th Pre-K to 4th grade Mother’s Day Celebration Invite
  10. Kindergarten and eighth grade graduation fees due by May 15th.
  11. We are sending home a Summer Enrichment interest flyer. We have received many parent calls about tutoring and/or summer support as well as enrichment and we have decided to poll our families and see if there is truly a need. Please let us know if you are interested and we will have a final decision by May 1st.  

We hope all our students, families and friends enjoy a restful and peaceful Easter break.

Happy Easter! God bless,

Father Ivan, Mrs. Shumny, all teachers & support staff

Principal’s Newsletter – April 12, 2019


Dear ACS Families,

It has been a very busy two weeks!  We had Parent Teacher Conferences and Report cards were given out.  If you were unable to make it, a conference is mandatory in order to receive the report card.

We also participated in the exciting Perth Amboy Art Show Case on April 4th – the Mayor was thrilled with ACS’s student’s art work!  There’s more….We hosted a Lenten Retreat for classes of 2019 and 2020 which included, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School in Passaic and St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School in Minersville, PA. It was a day of reflection and inspiration.  This week our 8th graders participated in a Diocese of Metuchen Teen Outreach, “Because I’m Worth it”, an amazing presentation on abstinence and making good choices. 

This week also included a visit from Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Bishop Rabiy – we love to show our school pride and give tours!  We then celebrated the survey Raffle Winners and thank all our parents and students for completing their surveys for our AdvancED re-accreditation.  We thank our Principals for the day for the dress down day – they did a fantastic job!

We ended the week with celebrating our Honor Roll for the third Marking Period – Congratulations to all!

If you think this a lot ….here are some more reminders:

  1. April 18th, Holy Thursday, at 10:30am, ACS 6th through 8th graders will be presenting the annual Stations of the Cross
  2. Our families & friends are invited to Good Friday Service. If your daughter is in grades PK through 3 please send back the form. 
  3. Volunteers are still needed for the Communion Breakfast – call the office ASAP
  4. Yearbook Sales – some are still available!
  5. Track – is up and running! Still interested in joining? Come on Monday and see Mr. Daly.
  6. Honor Society is running 2 Lenten Service Projects – non-perishable food & school supplies
  7. Spring Picture Day – is Monday, April 15th!! Please wear your Sunday best!
  8. May 1st is the deadline for registration for the 2019-2020 school year – we will continue to offer $50 off registration for any family you refer to ACS.
  9. 8th grade parents are receiving information about diplomas and Graduation Breakfast
  10. 6th and 7th grade parents are receiving information about working the Graduation Breakfast

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.             

God Bless,    

Mrs. Shumny

Principal’s Newsletter – March 29. 2019


Dear ACS Families,

ACS’s Security Initiative Project: expanded Camera System! 

Every year a great deal of time is spent reviewing ACS’s security and internal emergency procedures. A plan was created and it was decided to use our allocated City Security Funds, in addition to our own budget, to expand the school’s security system.  We have added several cameras already and have a second phase that will start in a couple of weeks.  We have added two exterior cameras; one outside of the student drop-off area, and another one to capture the entire playground.  We have installed a cafeteria camera and we are waiting for installation of hallway cameras.  We hope that by improved system, it will offer helpful evidence in student conflict and hopefully deter outsiders from vandalizing the school we work so hard to keep beautiful for our children.

If you have any concerns, suggestions or feedback concerning any issues please contact me.

Now for some reminders:

  1. April 3rd Parent teacher conference 1pm to 6pm – information attached
  2. April 4th Perth Amboy Art Show case opening – see flyer. Our Fiorella in 7th grade is featured in the advertisement!
  3. Volunteers needed for the Communion Breakfast – see attachment
  4. Yearbook Sales are open – $26 Limited quantity available, so hurry!
  5. Track – if you are interested you must go this Monday or reach out to Mr. Daly.        
  6. Honor Society is running TWO Lenten Service Projects – see flyer attached and support if you can
  7. Investors Bank information
  8. Spring Picture Day – April 15th!! Please wear your Sunday best!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.             

God Bless,     -Mrs. Shumny

Principal’s Newsletter – March 15, 2019


Dear ACS Families,

As you know, at ACS we begin our day with prayer. We have been discussing Lent and have asked our students to focus on doing good deeds and trying to be and do better each day. We use short examples and Scripture to show them how to reflect and think of Jesus’ great sacrifice for us. We recite the Stations of the Cross once a week and each class will be discussing Lent and the meaning of Easter. During the time we go to church on Wednesdays, all are welcomed to join us at any time.

Now for some reminders:

  1. THIS MONDAY, March 18th: WEAR GREEN!
  2. B6T Forms – PAST DUE Call the office ASAP
  3. Yearbook Sales are open – $26 Limited quantity available, so first come first served.
  5. SURVEYS: Income Surveys going home today – please send back ASAP, also AdvanED survey is out on REMIND! If you want to access via your computer, use this site:
  6. Principal for the day Raffle still on – see attached.
  7. Track forms are past due – we need to know if your child plans on joining.
  8. JR. Honor Society is running TWO Lenten Service Projects – see flyer attached and support if you can.
  9. Lastly, I am sending home a list of 17 Apps that all parents should be aware of – especially our middle school parents. Perth Amboy Detectives came in to present to our 7th & 8th grade and shared the law surrounding internet safety and cyber-bullying. We need to stay informed and aware!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call. God Bless, -Mrs. Shumny

Principal’s Newsletter – February 28, 2019


As February comes to a close and we mark the middle of the third marking period, we can all agree that this school year is going by quickly!  This was a busy week at ACS.  We hosted a wonderful community event this week. What started in October as a Basketball Club at our school grew into a smaller competitive team which challenged Perth Amboy Catholic School to play a game. PACS students played an excellent game and took the win, but what an experience for our athletes! We thank both team’s great coaches for organizing the competitive scrimmage.

A lot of information is going home today so please take a few minutes to look through it and keep informed.  Information going home today and reminders:

  1. March Calendar, Menu, Track Interest Form
  2. THIS MONDAY, March 4th: Wear Red & White ACS will be celebrating the POWER of READING!
  3. B6T Forms – PLEASE send back your forms – even if you are unsure about re-registering. This is money you may be eligible for.   
  4. Empanada Sale March 7th – It is a long tradition at ACS that the 7th grade plans, cooks and performs for the 8th grade graduating class. In order to fund their special event, they do several bake sales and an empanada sale.  Flyer going home today! 
  5. Yearbook Sales are open – $26 Limited quantity available, so first come first served. Also, Friendship Ads are available.
  6. Next Wednesday, March 6th there is a 12:30 dismissal and a Pancake Breakfast.
  7. AdvanED survey will be out on REMIND tomorrow! Principal for the day Raffle still on – sign survey paper going home tomorrow.

As we welcome the month of March and the Lenten season, remember we are here to instruct and guide your children.  We will pray that our school and parent partnership continue to flourish for the success of each and every one of our students. Thank you for your feedback and encouragement.  If you have any questions or concerns please call the school office at 732-826-8721 or email

God Bless,

Mrs. Shumny

Principal’s Newsletter – February 15, 2019


The 100th Day of School at ACS was fantastic! Pre-K through 1st grade came to school dressed as if they were 100 years old! Pre-K started the morning reading, “100 Hungry Ants” and counting. In centers they built structures using 100 solo cups, 100 craft sticks, 100 unifix cubes and 100 pattern blocks.  Kinder and first grade, danced and counted to the “100 Song”. Kinder also had centers all related to counting to 100! 1st grade used a Hundred Chart to count and practiced skip counting by 10 all the way to 100.  2nd grade had a blast counting crackers, M&Ms, teddy grahams, and goldfish in groups of 10 to make 100. The best part was eating them! 3rd-5th grade students worked together and used various activities with 100 things: this included building with 100 pieces of material and imagining what we will look like at age 100. The projects created were amazing!

And last, but not least…. Mr. Wythe’s middle school social studies classes learned about what life was like 100 years ago for the 100th day of school. Students learned how from planes, trains, and automobiles to social issues like voting rights and segregation, America has grown since 1919. They prepared a presentation on what they think America will look like 100 years from now in 2119.  Thank you to all my teachers for organizing a day full of learning and celebrating 100 days of studies!  

Please if you have any questions or concerns give us a call 732-826-8721. 

God bless,

Mrs. Shumny

Principal’s Newsletter- February 2, 2019


Catholic Schools Week 2019 has been a tremendous success!

A huge thank you to my teachers for organizing such a busy, productive, and faith filled week.  Catholic Schools Week is an annual tradition that began in 1974 and is sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), which ACS is a member of. Catholic schools across the nation commemorate CSW with celebrations, Liturgies, open houses, and activities. ACS SHINED BRIGHT in 2019! Here are some of our projects: 

Day 1: Grades 2-6 baked with Sister Yosaphata, the Middle School had an “Escape Room” Activity, Student Council read to the younger grades and the whole school worked on their Heritage Projects and CSW posters!  We ended the day by supporting our FSA at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Day 2: Pre-K celebrated with a Tooty Ta song and dance party – they got the whole school to dance with them. Pre-K also went on a Bear Hunt using their binoculars to help search for the bear! Kindergarten was super excited to play Sight Word Bingo, grades 3-5 had an “Escape Room” cross curricular activity where the 5th graders were able to show their leadership qualities and lead their team to a victory! Last, but not least, our 7th and 8th grade made pierogies with Sister Yosaphata and their teachers. The whole school practiced for a surprise performance, worked on their Heritage Projects and CSW posters. 

Day 3: Pre-K through first had a wonderful time sharing and presenting a special item from home. They each spoke about why the item is special, how they got it, and how long they’ve had it. They did a terrific job! Kindergarten and first grade also had their second day of hatching observations, and were excited that the egg finally cracked! THERE’S MORE! The day also included the 8th graders teaching excellent social studies and science lessons, which has become an annual tradition that everyone looks forward to. Yet, the teaching award of the day goes to Father Ivan for his demonstration at church today! Father showed and explained the significance and symbolism of each piece of a priest’s vestments. From the colors to the designs, and each article of clothings special meaning. Father told students

how he prepares the communion bread called “prosphora”.

He had a sample bread, and demonstrated how he does the special cuts of bread and explained the symbolism of each piece. Students were quite interested in the process and honored to see the communion plate and cup so close. It was a morning they will long remember.

Day 4: Pre-k-8th grade finished their Heritage Projects. Everyone worked so hard on their final posters and it was an extraordinary learning experience. Tomorrow we will have our ACS Cultural Expo where projects will be displayed for all to enjoy. Our 8th graders learned to crossed stitch with Sister Yosaphata and they were surprised at their new hidden talents! The whole ACS student body recorded a Flash Mob to the CSW song, “All It Takes”. The day ended with excitement and suspense as the Teachers and Parents played a nail biting basketball game against the 8th grade class! The class of 2019 played hard, but the teachers and parents won 26-22. It was a great game and the whole school had fun cheering!

Day 5: A FANTASTIC Finale!  Today, we started with praying together and attending the Divine Liturgy with our “Special Person”.  After church, Father awarded six students with a $500 Scholarship for their commitment to Catholic School Education and living their Faith. Back at school, we all shared our Heritage Posters and enjoyed an exciting assembly.  We showcased two spectacular cultures: Ukraine and Spain.  Our own Ukrainian Dance teacher, Ms. Anna Lawrence, showed off our dancer’s talents by performing three dances and our ACS Show Choir also sang the Ukrainian National Anthem.  The performers did a fantastic job.  Our second showcase features our friends from The Paella Party and the talented Flamenco dancers.  Today we all learned some new facts and some dance moves.  We ended our celebrations with a tasting of pierogies and paella – two delicious ethic dishes! Cheers to a successful 2019 Catholic Schools Week! ACS took the opportunity to learn about different cultures and celebrate our beautiful, unique and diverse cultures.  We look forward to continuing to showcase different countries.  Thank you to all who helped!

Principal’s Newsletter – January 18, 2019


Dear ACS Families,

The building is buzzing and preparing for Catholic Schools Week – do not miss the fun! See the attached list of events and activities.  What you need to know:

ACS’s Heritage Projects – Friday, February 1st  Faith, Family, Fun Day – we working on coordinating a special event celebrating our ACS diversity and cultures – stay tuned

  1. Every student will be working on a Heritage Project that will be presented in class and displayed on Friday, February 1st – during our Faith, Family, Fun Day!
  2. Each teacher will be working with their students to put together their project.
  3. We need your help filling out your child’s family tree and your family heritage information.
  4. Your child may come to school dressed in clothing from their culture.
  5. Save the date and come participate with us!

This is a school wide project and a true celebration of all the unique and beautiful cultures at ACS. God has made us all different and with so many gifts. We at ACS, want to celebrate US!

Please if you have any questions or concerns give us a call 732-826-8721.  Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm!

God Bless,
Mrs. Shumny


Principal’s Newsletter – January 4, 2019


Happy New Year to all our ACS Families!  May 2019 bring you peace, love and God’s grace. 

So many updates that I hope I remember them all!

  1. Christmas Show was outstanding! Thank you to Miss Lawrence and Mrs. Lawrence for all the love they put into each and every one of our performances.
  2. Financials: tis the season to fall behind. Please make sure your lunch bills are up to date as well as aftercare.
  3. Thank you to our FSA – from assisting St. Nicholas with all the presents for our students and teachers to the delicious coffee and cookies at the concert, your efforts are appreciated!
  4. School doors open at 8:00 am and late bell rings promptly at 8:20 am – letters of concern regarding chronic late arrivals and absences are going home next week.
  5. Grades 5 to 8 Exam schedule went home – please make sure your middle school student is reviewing. The end of the marking period is right around the corner!
    1. Sunday, January 27th 12:30 3pm Open House Parents are invited to see their children’s work and BRING A FRIEND to see our school!
    2. Friday, February 1st – Faith, Family, Fun Day – we working on coordinating a special event celebrating our ACS diversity and cultures – stay tuned

Please if you have any questions or concerns give us a call 732-826-8721

God Bless,

Mrs. Shumny