FIRST DAY of SCHOOL for grades 5-8!!

Welcome Middle School!

Grades 5 through 8 started their day in prayer and in gratitude this morning. The first day was always full of excitement! After getting settled in their classrooms and going over procedures and classroom schedules, they all gathered in the cafeteria for their first middle school meeting. They discused expectations for this year, and how to have a positive year.

The Classes of 2024, 2025, and 2026 also played a few ice breakers to meet new classmates and reconnect with old friends. They put themselves in birthday order without talking.  It was pretty hilarious to watch! Yes, they could not talk. They played a game of This  Or That, and finally, Find a Friend Who.. This was a great way to celebrate  the start of our school year!

Looking forward to a fantastic year!

Assumption School 21CCLC Summer Program Underway

Students just finished their regular school year and already they have jumped into four weeks of Language Arts and Math Camp to keep up with their skills. In addition to all of their hard academic work, for the next 4 weeks they are playing hard in recreation, creating in arts and crafts, learning new recipes in culinary and building, testing, and observing in STEAM activities.
 Among many other fun activities students learned a fun dice game called SKUNK, where you have to avoid rolling the number 1, or lose points! Our middle school boys were the winners. Students in higher grades spent their afternoon designing games that students in the lower grades will be able to play on rainy days. Each group first decided on a topic of either math or science. Next, they brainstormed to determine the goal of the game and tools that would be needed to play. This amazing group finished one magic tree house book already and started their cereal box projects! AND Culinary and building class was so awesome!!!

Also, what artists we have at our ACS Summer Camp! Multiplication cup stacking challenge! 8th graders competing against each other for 1st place on the IXL leaderboard! Everyone, including the teachers, looks forward to this Friday’s field trip to the Liberty Science Center.

This year’s Educator of the Year

Tonight, the Knights of Columbus San Salvador Council # 299 presented their annual Shield Awards during a ceremony in the school auditorium. Each year, the Council honors a firefighter, an EMT, a police office, a Senior Citizen and a good local hero who have performed exceptional service during this year. This year, Assumption Catholic School is proud to announce that our 5th Grade teacher Miss Samantha Shumny has been named the 2022-23 Catholic School Teacher of the Year. This prestigious award recognizes Miss Shumny outstanding dedication to her students and her school community. Congratulations, we appreciate you Miss Shumny.

2023 Kindergarten Graduation

Our Kindergarten class has graduated to first grade this Monday.  This morning they had a wonderful program prepared for the proud family and friends. After the program that was filled with songs singing and poems recitals, the school principal Mrs. Shumny presented students with their well deserved diplomas and offered thanks to their wonderful teacher Mrs. Bialek and to the music teacher Miss Anna Lawrence for preparing the great program.

PreK Graduation 2023

Today was a very special and exciting day! The 2022/2023 PreK class had their “Stepping Up Program”. The day began one last time in the classroom, where they took some pictures with their friends and practiced a bit before heading downstairs for the show. After, nervously walking in, they took to the stage preformed like the Rock Stars they are! They prayed, said the Pledge of Allegiance, showed off things they made during the year and sang songs that helped them learn as well as celebrate events. Next, they received their certificate of completion and were promoted to the next grade. Once the show finished they were treated to cupcakes and received gifts from their teacher and school. This was one amazing day and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them next year!

School Sodality 2023 new member installation

The Sodality is a group of young ladies who are committed to growing in personal holiness and serving their school community through their consecration to Jesus through Mary. The 15 young women of this Sodality, under spiritual guidance   of Sisters Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará were preparing for this day for the whole year. They attended meetings, learned songs and deepened their knowledge about the Blessed Mother of God. During the consecration ceremony, the candidates made their Marian pledge and received a medal and a blue blessed garment as an outward sign of their consecration with the Sodality.