School’s 2021 Christmas Concert.

Our students worked diligently with their music teacher, Miss Lawrence, to create this beautiful program. Their happiness, their love, and their excitement was showcased and the true meaning of the Christmas season was portrayed.

The last time we were together was December 2019 and although that doesn’t seem like that long, we all know it has been a difficult couple of years.  We stand proud of the work that the teachers and staff have done and continue to do daily.  They are passionate about their profession and during this pandemic have shown that Catholic Schools have been able to get the job done.  We have kept our children on grade level, continue to offer them a safe space and opportunities to express their thoughts, and have shown them to trust in God’s plan.  

The show was dedicated to all the parents, guardians and extended family members who support our students and our mission at Assumption Catholic School – to know, to love, to serve God.