Open House!

A total of 8 potential new students toured the school and  took registration paperwork. A true success! If you know anyone interested in ACS and whom couldn’t make the Open House please tell them to give us a call at 732-826-8721!

ACS National Junior Honor Society 2022

This year, after Divine Liturgy, there are 13 new inductees into the ACS chapter National Junior Honor Society. After waiting for two years due to the pandemic, four members of the Class of 2022 finally handed in their updated applications and received the good news of their acceptance. They are Ethan Chendorain, Kiera Colon, Gabriella Domingues, and Oleksandr Oliinyk. Members of the Class of 2023 also were not able to apply until now and 7 happy applicants were inducted along with the Class of 2022. They are Brett Ayers, Adrian Cepeda, Emily Leon, Victoria Magyar,Samantha Marte,  Emma Palhais, and Anna Rashkevych. The  final inductees came from  the Class of 2024. They are Angelise Colon and Giovanny Valdez.
After Father Ivan blessed the inductees and their pins, our principal, Mrs Shumny gave the ACS NJHS oath followed by family pictures. The busy morning ended with bagels,and coffee supplied by our Family, School, Association. Thank you to family members for your support of our net ACS NJHS members.

Special Persons Day at Assumption Catholic School

Our cafeteria was filled to capacity with the overflow seated in the auditorium and the decibel level was high.  Yet no one minded because we were once again, one big happy family and it was all happy, excited chatter.  Mrs. Shumny welcomed the Pre-kindergarteners, kindergarteners, first graders, second graders, third graders, fourth graders and their special persons to one of our first group events since COVID restrictions limited our activities. Father Ivan led us in prayer and grace, ending with the traditional Easter exclamation, “Christ is Risen” with all responding “Indeed He is Risen.” Prior to gathering in the cafeteria, our special person guests were able to visit the classrooms to see what goes on during an average day. Pre-K sang their circle time songs plus a class favorite, Tooty Ta.  It was Octagon day in math which then turned into a turtle craft (made of octagons, of course).                                                                                                                                
Kindergarteners reviewed two-dimensional shapes, made a shape pizza, and built their own towers.  First graders added tens and ones in math and then it was all about their special person.  Each guest received a letter telling why they were so special and ended by students making a VIP booklet for which they had to ask and write fun facts about their special person.
Second grade math started with a favorite, one minute math.  Then they went on to their regular math lesson and ended with the student and their guest working on a glyph.  After lunch each special guest received a thank you letter which was written by their special second grader before their arrival.
Rainbows abounded in the third grade room.  Students made a cloud with a rainbow streaming from it.  However, the real excitement came from a math review game show called, “Are You Smarter Than Your Special Person?”  Hmmm, wonder who won?
For fourth graders, it was back to business.  They reviewed and took a quiz in math before stepping forward to the next topic, which is all about factors (multiplication).  Mini-project booklets in math, language arts, and Holy Week were collected.  Students were busy bees but the best part of the day was the pizza lunch and ice cream dessert.  
In a way, it was really a regular, normal day at ACS.  And we loved it because it has been so long since we have had such a great day of celebration with our families!

ACS Easter Food Collection

Once again ACS families came through for Baskets for Neighbors, a local non profit organization founded by alumni Amarilis Rodriguez and Analí Rodriguez.  The Class of 2022 collected food each day culminating with drop offs being made during parent/teacher conferences. We hope that this will benefit many local families.
Thank you to all our families and teachers who contributed to this great organization.

Good Friday Vespers and Procession with Holy Shroud

On Good Friday morning, April 15, 2022 ACS students along with the parishioners of Ukrainian Assumption Catholic Church in Perth Amboy, NJ participated at the moving service called solemn Vespers with the burial procession bearing the Holy Shroud or Plashchanitsa. The “plashchanitsa” is a winding sheet with the picture of Christ’s body lying dead in the tomb. After the procession inside the Church, the shroud was laid out for veneration on a replica of the sepulcher. Fr. Ivan in his homily remarked that the world is haunted by Calvaries. Today, Calvary is found in Ukraine, where the innocent blood is poured from the bodies of men, women, and children who are defending their homeland. He invited everyone to enter into the mystery of the Calvary and the tomb of Christ, putting our hopes and prayers into the great news that the Lord has Risen.  

This year, the service was also attended by members of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Perth Amboy, NJ. The Rev. E. F. Michael Morgan, Ph.D., Interim Priest of the congregation, offered brief remarks about the tender love of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who through his death on the cross invites us to walk in the way of his suffering, and share in his Resurrection. 

Whole School Spirituality Day

Pre-Kinder: Read the book “God Gave Us Easter” By Lisa Tawn Bergren and made our beautiful craft.
We colored our Lent book, completed  our craft and did a Simon says Religion game
In first grade we celebrated spirituality day by watching The Story of Easter. As a class we silently reflected what Jesus did on the cross for us. During art, First Grade made a handprint sign craft. The best part was using green paint to make their handprints. We ended the day by coloring an Easter Book.
Second grade spent their Holy Thursday, Spiritual Day learning more about Holy Week, creating a Holy Week Wheel & an Easter Story book. They were also very grateful for the crafts that Mrs. Shumny sent to 2nd grade.  They all agree that putting their handprints on their craft was the best part of their craft
Third grade completed a stained glass project working side by side with the eighth graders. They first used permanent markers to draw their picture and then color it. They finally painted any area white that they had not colored with markers. They all loved their finished product so much that they showed Mrs Shumny and Father Ivan. The Class of 2022 had fun with the Class of 2027. What is the next project Miss Shumny??
Honoring Holy Week with a poster-fourth graders put their heart and soul into it. Well done, fourth graders!
Fifth grade made the a beautiful Cross craft, watched videos from Mrs Lawrence’s suggested list  and did a rough Religion word search
Middle School performed the Living Stations for the rest of the school on Holy Thursday. The sixth grade contributed with their beautiful rendition of Beneath the Cross while seventh and eighth grade performed each station. The rest of the school participated by praying the Our Father and Hail Mary with the eighth readers.
In addition to the Living Stations sixth, seventh,and eighth grade stained glass portraits using permanent markers and picture frames. They also worked on Holy Week crafts to close out their very busy week.

Easter Bunny Visits ACS

Students in grade Pk – 4 were treated to an Easter egg hunt by the Class of 2022. The eighth grade students filled over 500 hundred eggs  for the lower grade students. Much to the surprise of the children, they got to meet with the Easter bunny! Everyone had a fun time and returned to their classes to open their eggs to see what the bunny gave them. The Class of 2022 gives a special shout out to Mrs. Czaban for arranging to have the Easter bunny make a special trip to ACS.

Artsy Thursday with Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten:

Our young students made rain boots in a puddle! We practiced our coloring, cutting, and pasting skills; a perfect project for a rainy day. We also went to our Middle schools wax museum to learn about many scientists. A fun day all around.
AND… Today was our last celebration for the Week of the Young Child. We took all of our pictures from our fun activities and pictures families sent in from home and made creative collages together!
***The Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This is a time to recognize that children’s opportunities are our responsibility, and to recommit ourselves to ensuring that every child experiences the type of learning environment that will promote their early learning. We know the importance of children’s earliest years in shaping their relationship with God, learning and development.***

Living Wax Museum

After completing research and writing a paper on a scientist that has contributed to change in the world, the students in middle school decided to share their findings with the lower grades. They constructed posters with important facts about the lives of the scientist and then dressed as the scientist. The younger grades visited the museum and were impressed by what they saw. Some of them expressed that they can’t wait until it is their turn to do the same project. The middle school students did a great job holding a pose and their posters were very informative to the other students.